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Lacey J, Bowyer C, Sandeman S, Arshinoff S

In Vitro cellular protective effect of FR Pro ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD) in free radical chemical and phaco energy damage solutions

Presented at Scientific Symposium, ESCRS, Copenhagen September 2016

Congress Presentation

Rayner IOL

Maximising endothelial protection, improving patient outcomes: Selecting the right OVDs for modern cataract surgery

Rayner IOL Ltd September 2016

Clinical Article

Arshinoff SA, Jafari M.

New classification of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices.

J Cataract Refract Surg. 2005 Nov;31(11):2167-71.

Peer Review Publication

Dick HB, Augustin AJ, Pfeiffer N.

Osmolality of various viscoelastic substances: comparative study.

J Cataract Refract Surg. 2000 Aug;26(8):1242-6.

Peer Review Publication

Yildirim TM, Auffarth GU, Son H-S, Khoramnia R, Munro DJ, Merz PR

Dispersive viscosurgical devices demonstrate greater efficacy in protecting corneal endothelium in vitro

BMJ Open Ophthalmology 2019;4:e000227

Peer Review Publication