EP: Marketing Your Clinic in the Digital World


Mr Allon Barsam, together with his colleagues from OCL Vision (UK), Mr Ali Mearza, Mr Romesh Angunawela, and Ms Masara Laginaf, delve into the significant role of digital marketing and social media in effectively managing a busy eye clinic. In an era where our online presence consumes a substantial portion of our daily lives, digital marketing serves as a crucial tool for educating patients and aiding them in selecting the most suitable eye surgeon or clinic.


Mr Allon Barsam (host)
Mr Allon Barsam is a director and founding partner of OCL Vision, and recognised internationally as an expert and key opinion leader for cataract and refractive surgery.

Mr Ali Mearza (guest)
Mr Ali Mearza is a director and founding partner of OCL Vision. He is also a senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon at London’s Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Mr Romesh Angunawela (guest)
Mr Romesh Angunawela is an OCL Vision founding partner and consultant eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital where he is also Director for corneal training.

Ms Masara Laginaf (guest)
Ms Masara Laginaf is a consultant eye surgeon specialising in cornea, cataract and refractive surgery, and is the first OCL Vision trained fellow of refractive surgery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recruiting new clients is often by word of mouth, however social media has proved to be useful for brand development and reinforcing the patients’ decision.
  • The panel of surgeons advise managing multiple social channels, instead of just one to reach a higher audience and demographic.
  • It is important to have a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website which presents a clinic’s services clearly, including pricing information.
  • Surgeons can also use social media for their own personal promotion, for example by highlighting patients they’ve treated or by sharing educational tools such as surgical methods or new innovations. It also gives patients the opportunity to interact with them.
  • Treating influencers can play a large role in boosting a clinic’s exposure online organically.
  • For surgeons looking to build a social media profile, the panel’s advice is to just get started. Once a profile is created, a user can view trending topics to generate ideas for content. Creativity is key.


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