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A patient's experience with RayOne EMV

Alice Darmody, a RayOne EMV patient, discusses her experience with the enhanced IOL six months after implantation.

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Peer2Peer: The Podcast /

Each episode brings together a roster of carefully selected hosts and guests from around the world, resulting in a mix of invaluable insights and unscripted moments you won’t want to miss!

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“My Next Ophthalmologist”: Dr Trattler

Dr Stonecipher meets with Dr Trattler (USA) to discuss IOL innovation, patient selection and what’s hot in ophthalmology.

“My Next Ophthalmologist”: Professor Barrett

Dr Stonecipher visits Milan to learn about Prof Barrett’s (Australia) journey developing RayOne EMV and the Barrett Universal formula.

“My Next Ophthalmologist”: Dr Rocha & Dr Waring

Dr Stonecipher visits Chicago to meet Dr Rocha & Dr Waring (USA) to learn about lens terminology, aberrative optics, and producing great outcomes.

ESCRS 2022 /

ESCRS / Dr Roshad Shroff

Dr Roshad Shroff discusses RayOne EMV in comparison to other IOLs

ESCRS / Dr Marta Horecha

Dr Marta Horecha explains the importance of tracking Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) with RayPRO+

ESCRS / Dr Thilo Schimitzek

Dr Thilo Schimitzek discusses the value of tracking Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) with RayPRO+

ESCRS / Dr Ankur Barua

Mr Ankur Barua shares his 18 months experience using RayOne EMV

ESCRS / Dr Gul Nankani

Dr Gul Nankani shares his outcomes with RayOne EMV

ESCRS / Dr Yeo Tun Kuan

Dr Yeo Tun Kuan discusses his clinical study results with RayOne EMV

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Add-On IOLs Bring Added Benefits

The primary and secondary implantation procedures which offer advantages to alternatives.

Micromonovision with Non-Diffractive Enhanced Monofocal IOL

Results from a retrospective study of the first 30 patients bilaterally implanted with RayOne EMV, which uses positive spherical aberration…

Beyond Monofocal Optics

An article by Dr Andrzej Dmitriew on the increase of monofocal plus…

Early Experience With the RayOne EMV Toric IOL

This article shares the viewpoints of two leading surgeons and their early…

Defective Instruments Would Be Found Once Or Twice A Day

An exclusive interview with Dr Vincent Quinn, a board certified Belgian ophthalmologist…

Dr Basak Bostanci: Considerations when using IOLs in patients with complex corneas

Patients are increasingly expressing their desire for spectacle independence after cataract surgery,…

EDOF lens tech is evolving to help more patients with intermediate vision

Assistant Prof. of ophthalmology Basak Bostanci discusses her ESCRS presentation, “Extended Range…

RayOne EMV: A new lens option for enhanced monovision performance

In “modified monovision”, which can be achieved with a new IOL, one…

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