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Harnessing Big Data to Track Patient Reported Outcomes, (Part II)

A Real-World Perspective on Analyzing Patient Reported Outcomes (Part II)   As discussed in a recent article (Harnessing Big Data to Track Patient Reported Outcomes), healthcare systems are looking to consistent data capture to track patient outcomes and develop benchmarks of care quality. This ‘big data approach’ is increasingly used…

Harnessing Big Data to Track Patient Reported Outcomes, (Part I)

Harnessing Big Data to Track Patient Reported Outcomes, (Part I)   National standards are increasingly using data-based evidence to review the utility and value of medical services provided. For instance, the Getting It Right the First Time (GIRFT) campaign through the UK National Health Service (NHS) uses a peer-to-peer approach…

The value of capturing data and tracking outcomes, with Dr Schimitzek

Dr Thilo Schimitzek shares his thoughts on the importance of long term tracking of patient reported outcomes and why he has adopted the RayPRO digital platform in his clinic.

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Dr Phillips Kirk Labor talks about his experience using RayPRO

Dr Phillips Kirk Labor, Medical Director and Chief of Surgery at Eye Consultants of Texas, talks about his use of the RayPRO digital platform for collecting patient-reported outcomes after eye surgery and the value of the insights generated by the data to his clinic team.

RayPRO & RayOne Total IOL Solution with Dr Jabin Krassin

Dr. Jabin Krassin from the USA shares his views on RayOne Aspheric and RayPRO - “RayOne and RayPRO are great individually, but together they offer a fantastic combination that no-one else offers”.

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