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How to choose the right presbyopia correction solution for your patients

Dr Fernando Llovet, Prof Ramin Khoramnia, Mr Sheraz Daya, Mr Allon Barsam, Miss Masara Laginaf, Miss Purvi Thomson and Mark Vizard share their experience and results with premium cataract and refractive IOLs, as well as discuss effective management of dry eye and the collection of long term patient reported outcomes.

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FacoElche: De La Calidad Óptica A La Satisfacción Del Paciente III (ES)

A recording of our 2022 premium IOL symposium at the Faco Elche congress in Spain.

Patient suitability for advanced IOL technologies with Mr Amir Hamid

Mr Amir Hamid discusses advanced IOL technologies such as the RayOne EMV and RayOne Trifocal, focussing on patient selection, education, expectation setting and much more.

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Managing the pre-operative conversation with premium IOLs

Watch a webinar recording from May 2022 where leading UK surgeons discuss premium IOLs and how they manage the patient pre-op conversation.

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Post cast sample – 05 – With a long title that can stretch over 3 lines

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