EP: RayOne EMV: Mastering Monovision & Pre-op Conversation Part 2


Mr Paul Rosen (UK) highlights some of the key insights from a Rayner webinar with Mr Allon Barsam (UK) and Mr Andrew Turnbull (UK). The panel discuss why RayOne EMV has become their go-to lens; how RayOne EMV compares to trifocal IOLs; how to master monovision, and how to effectively manage the RayOne EMV patient pre-operative conversation. 


Mr Paul Rosen (host)
Mr Paul Rosen is a consultant ophthalmologist at Oxford Eye Hospital who specialises in cataract surgery, glaucoma and retinal and refractive surgery. He is chairman of the trustees of the ESCRS, a trustee of UKISCRS, and a medical editor of EuroTimes.

Mr Andrew Turnbull (guest)
Mr Andrew Turnbull is an ophthalmic consultant who runs a private clinic and is also the NHS clinical lead for cataract surgery in Bournemouth. He specialises in laser vision correction, cataract and lens replacement surgery, anterior segment surgery including iris reconstruction and pterygium surgery, as well as comprehensive medical eye care including blepharitis and dry eye disease.

Mr Allon Barsam (guest)
Mr Allon Barsam is a director and founding partner of OCL Vision in London, England. He specialises in laser eye surgery, lens-based vision correction surgery, cataract surgery with premium lenses, corneal transplantation, and keratoconus management.

Key Takeaways:

  • RayOne EMV is a lens that induces positive spherical aberration, and in doing so, helps to extend depth of focus.
  • RayOne EMV consultations are typically shorter, especially when compared with a trifocal IOL consultation.
  • Natural quality of vision is where there is a natural range of vision and the RayOne EMV provides this.

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