Ep. 9 The Importance of Managing Dry Eye Pre-and Post-Operatively


Mr Allon Barsam (host)
Mr Allon Barsam is a director and founding partner of OCL Vision, and recognised internationally as an expert and key opinion leader for cataract and refractive surgery.

Ms Purvi Thomson (guest)
Ms Purvi Thomson is Lead Optometrist at OCL Vision in London, where she utilises her expertise and specialist training to deal with various eye conditions, including dry eye disease.

Ms Caoimhe McGovern (guest)
Ms Caoimhe McGovern is a Specialist Optometrist at OCL Vision, where she carries out pre-operative assessments and post-operative consultations for refractive and cataract surgery patients.



In this episode of Peer2Peer: The Podcast, Mr Allon Barsam discusses the importance of both pre-operative and post-operative management of dry eye disease with Ms Purvi Thomson (Lead Optometrist, OCL Vision) and Ms Caoimhe McGovern (Specialist Optometrist, OCL Vision) – the impact it can have on biometry, visual outcomes and ultimately patient satisfaction.


Key Takeaways:

  • Dry eye disease can impact surgical outcomes and consequently patient satisfaction.
  • Many patients experience symptoms without realising they are caused by dry eye disease.
  • It is important to treat patient’s dry eye disease pre-surgery and educate them on the on-going management to avoid compromised outcomes.
  • If poor tear film caused by dry eye disease is not treated pre-surgery, it can result in an incorrect choice of IOL power, leading to patient dissatisfaction.
  • Treatment options for dry eye disease include AEON PROTECT PLUS eye drops which are indicated for use before and after surgery. The eyedrops contain cross-linked sodium hyaluronate which results in longer lasting lubrication of the eye’s surface than non-cross-linked sodium hyaluronate.
  • Accurately managing patients with dry eye disease is critical to achieving good outcomes in refractive, cataract and intraocular surgery.


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