EP: Glaucoma Patients: Benefits of RayOne EMV

Dr Ben LaHood and Dr Rajen Desai discuss the complexities of selecting the right IOL for patients with glaucoma. They emphasise the need for a personalised approach to IOL selection while taking into consideration a multitude of factors, such as disease severity, patient lifestyles, and pupil size.


Dr Ben LaHood, refractive cataract and laser vision correction surgeon from Australia, has gained international recognition for his extensive research on astigmatism management and biometry, which is regularly shared around the world. Additionally, Dr Ben LaHood is the host of two widely popular ophthalmology-themed podcasts.

Dr Rajen Desai is a board-certified cataract and glaucoma surgeon with the Witlin Centre for Advanced Eye Care and Santamaria Eye Center in New Jersey, United States. With over 20 years of experience in vision research, Dr Desai has produced over 50 peer-reviewed publications and presentations across the United States.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of Individualised Treatment: Dr Rajen Desai emphasises the importance of individualised treatment plans for cataract surgery, especially in patients with both cataracts and glaucoma. He stresses the significance of distinguishing between patients with glaucomatous optic neuropathy and those without, as the latter may benefit from different surgical approaches.
  • Choosing the Right Lens: The choice of IOL is crucial, especially in patients with mild glaucoma. Dr Desai discusses the benefits of using lenses that provide enhanced depth of focus, such as the RayOne EMV, in these cases.
  • Understanding Glaucoma Specifics: When deciding on the type of lens, factors such as the risk of glaucoma progression, patient compliance with medications, sleep apnea and low blood pressure should be taken into account.
  • Quality of Life at the Forefront: Dr Desai emphasises the importance of considering patients’ quality of life when making treatment decisions. He suggests that patient preferences and lifestyle, such as reading and driving habits, should be taken into consideration.
  • Significance of Pupil Size: Pupil size plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of certain lenses. Dr. Desai suggests that some lenses may not perform optimally in patients with smaller pupil sizes, as they may experience limitations in distance vision.
  • RayOne EMV vs Vivity: Dr Desai discusses his current research comparing the use of RayOne EMV and Vivity in patients with glaucoma through a double-blinded, randomised controlled trial. Together with Dr. Ben LaHood, they emphasise the need for well-designed studies to efficiently evaluate the outcomes of various lens options comprehensively.

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