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RayOne EMV IOL launches in New Zealand

Micromonovision with Non-Diffractive Enhanced Monofocal IOL

Results from a retrospective study of the first 30 patients bilaterally implanted with RayOne EMV, which uses positive spherical aberration to stretch the focal distance.

Beyond Monofocal Optics

In this article, Dr Dmitriew discusses the characteristics of monofocal plus lenses as well as lenses that offer extended depth of focus/field, the basics of enhanced monovision, and general rules relating to patient suitability for these lens types.

Early Experience With the RayOne EMV Toric IOL

This article shares the viewpoints of two leading surgeons and their early experience with Rayner’s latest enhanced monofocal IOL, RayOne EMV Toric. The surgeons conclude that RayOne EMV Toric is an excellent choice for patients with astigmatism who desire spectacle-free distance and intermediate vision plus functional near vision.

Rayner Advanced Technology IOLs: Managing the Patient Pre-Op Conversation

Mr Allon Barsam and Mr Andy Turnbull discuss the value in patient education for advanced technology IOLs.

Dr Basak Bostanci: Considerations when using IOLs in patients with complex corneas

Patients are increasingly expressing their desire for spectacle independence after cataract surgery, especially those who have previously received corneal refractive laser procedures for vision correction. Even with adequate preparation to calculate post-refractive surgery IOL power, residual refractive errors continue to be common.

Can An IOL Enhance Operating Room Efficiency And Patient Satisfaction?

Dr Phillips Kirk Labor shares his thoughts and experience with RayOne Aspheric monofocal IOL

Just try it: This IOL is ticking all the boxes

Dr Thomas Reynolds shares his thoughts and experience with the RayOne Aspheric monofocal IOL.

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Patientengeschichten, die es wert sind gehört zu werden

Patienten stehen bei uns an erster Stelle. Einer von Rayners Grundwerten. Deshalb liegt uns diese Geschichte besonders am Herzen.

Dr Crahay : “Mon expérience avec RayOne EMV”

Le Dr François-Xavier Crahay (Belgique) partage les résultats de ses patients avec RayOne EMV et les conseils qu'il donnerait aux chirurgiens qui envisagent d'utiliser la LIO monofocale améliorée.

“My experience with RayOne EMV” with Dr. Med. Detlev Breyer

An interview with Dr. Med. Detlev Breyer to uncover his experience with the enhanced monofocal IOL.

Dr Neves comparte sus experiencias con las lentes de Rayner: RayOne EMV

Dale un knock out a la Presbicia con las lentes de RayOne

Aprenda a darle un knock out a la presbicia con las lentes RayOne. Reviva la charla del Dr. Facundo Rodríguez, que se llevó a cabo durante el XL congreso nacional de internacional, el pasado 13 de agosto de 2022 en Barranquilla, Colombia.

RayPRO & RayOne Total IOL Solution with Dr Jabin Krassin

Dr. Jabin Krassin from the USA shares his views on RayOne Aspheric and RayPRO - “RayOne and RayPRO are great individually, but together they offer a fantastic combination that no-one else offers”.

Dr William Wiley on the RayOne Aspheric 600C

Dr William Wiley (ophthalmologist in Brecksville, Ohio, USA) carried out the first USA implantation of RayOne Aspheric 600C; in an interview, he gives his thoughts on what makes RayOne unique.

1 Month clinical results with RayOne Hydrophobic by Dr Schweitzer

Cedric Schweitzer, MD, presents clinical results from the first month of a prospective study of the RayOne Hydrophobic intraocular lens conducted at Bordeaux University Hospital in France.

First experience with RayOne Hydrophobic by Prof Thomas Kohnen

Professor Thomas Kohnen discusses the first post-CE mark implantation of RayOne Hydrophobic and also shares the positive results from an independent study that compared RayOne Hydrophobic IOL to competitor models.

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Youssef Botros über die Vorteile unseres Injektorsystem

Youssef Botros, M.B.Ch.B., F.E.B.O über die Verwendung unserer hydrophilen und hydrophoben Linse und des RayOne Injektorsystems.

Dr Crahay: “My Experience with RayOne EMV”

Dr François-Xavier Crahay (Belgium) shares his patient outcomes with RayOne EMV and what advice he'd give to surgeons who are thinking of using the enhanced monofocal IOL.

Dr. Michael J. Endl (US) discusses his experience with the RayOne EMV

Join Dr. Michael J. Endl (US) as he talks about the RayOne EMV, and more specifically how to target, what offset he recommends, and how to set patient expectations.

Prof. Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek – szolenie z soczewki RayOne Trifocal

Prof. Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek Kwalifikacja pacjenta wykladnikiem sukcesu – szolenie z soczewki RayOne Trifocal

Dr Duarte comparte sus experiencias con las lentes de Rayner: RayOne Trifocal

Dr Portero comparte sus experiencias con las lentes de Rayner: RayOne Trifocal

Dr Bastos en RayOne EMV

Dr Bastos comparte sus experiencias con las lentes de Rayner: RayOne EMV

Dra Pérez comparte sus experiencias con las lentes de Rayner: RayOne Trifocal

Dr. Portero en RayOne EMV

Dr Portero comparte sus experiencias con las lentes de Rayner: RayOne EMV

Webinar: Katarakt Chirurgie im klinischen Alltag

Diskutieren Sie mit Dr. Stefanie Schmickler, Dr. Inez Frisch und Dr. Guilia Renieri über Aktuelles zu Patientenaufklärung bei Sonderlinsen, Ablaufoptimierung im OP und Fallbeispielen.

Webinar: Toric IOLs in the Private Sector

Join Mr. Amir Hamid, Mr. Sanjay Mantry, Ms. Lucia Pelosini and Mr. Ankur Barua as they discuss Toric IOLs and provide helpful information to surgeons on how to implement Toric IOLs into their practices.

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