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Rayner Receives Third FDA Approval in RayOne IOL Portfolio

New York, USA, May 17, 2021 – RayOne Spheric, a fully-preloaded monofocal IOL, has received FDA approval. This achievement marks Rayner’s third FDA approval in under three years within its expanding RayOne preloaded IOL portfolio. RayOne Spheric joins RayOne Aspheric (FDA approved December 2018) and RayOne EMV, a new non-diffractive IOL solution which achieved FDA

RayOne EMV

A new non-diffractive IOL solution RayOne EMV, a new fully preloaded non-diffractive IOL, was designed in collaboration with world renowned surgeon, Professor Graham Barrett. RayOne EMV offers reduced dysphotopsia compared to diffractive IOL designs. This is achieved through a unique aspheric anterior surface which adds to the positive spherical aberration (SA) of the cornea in

RayOne EMV IOL (Rayner) Receives FDA Approval

New York, USA, March 26, 2021 – RayOne EMV, a new fully preloaded non-diffractive IOL, has received FDA approval.   RayOne EMV was developed in collaboration with world renowned surgeon Professor Graham Barrett, president of the Australasian Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons.   “I collaborated with Rayner on bringing to market RayOne EMV, an exciting

Rayner Continues Growth in North America with Direct Presence in Canada

Worthing, UK – Following the recent approval of incorporation, Rayner is proud to announce its direct entry into the Canadian ophthalmology market. Led by Wade Allen, Director: Americas, Rayner Surgical Corp will now be offering the Rayner portfolio of IOLs and injectors directly to Canadian surgeons. Rayner Surgical Corp has recently had the RayOne Aspheric