Niels de Coninck-Smith

Posted on 18/10/2018

Niels is an independent director and investor. He joined the board in June 2013 and oversaw the transformation of Rayner from being a broad player in the ophthalmic market to uniquely focusing on our highly innovative IOL activities. He serves as chairman at a number of companies in the medical products field.

Niels was with McKinsey&Co for 20 years prior to joining a leveraged buyout of a health care products company, Ferrosan, as CEO. He was CEO and board member until the business was successfully sold to Pfizer in 2011. At McKinsey, as senior partner in the Brussels office amongst others, Niels served a wide range of clients, globally within the life sciences field.

Niels holds an MSc in information systems from the university of Copenhagen and an MBA from the Wharton School. Philadelphia.

The de Coninck-Smith family left Denmark in 1996 and eventually settled in Surrey some 10 years ago.

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