Designed to deliver without compromise

When creating RayOne, our fully preloaded IOL injection system, we developed our micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS) lens and unique patented Lock & Roll technology as part of the same design process; this combination has resulted in the smallest fully preloaded injector available (1.65 mm nozzle).

Our hydrophobic and hydrophilic MICS lenses are born out of a desire to deliver a better operating room experience for surgeons and better visual outcomes for patients, by challenging the current IOL solutions available to them.


One injector for all RayOne IOLs

A single fully preloaded and repeatable injector for all RayOne IOLs reduces training for clinic teams and supports surgeon confidence in the operating room.1


Step 1: Insert OVD into cartridge via port
Step 2: Lock cartridge ready for implantation

Easy to use¹

  • Minimal learning curve
  • Minimises error

Efficient IOL delivery time¹

  • Designed for repeatability
  • Reduces operating time
1.65 mm nozzle for 2.2 mm incision

Smallest fully preloaded injector nozzle

  • Ease of insertion
  • Enables true micro-incision
Parallel sided for minimal stretch

  • 2.2 mm delivery
  • Maintains incision architecture

Ergonomic design for ease of handling

Single-handed plunger with minimal force required

Lock & Roll technology

Rolls the lens to under half its size before injection

  • Consistent, smoother delivery
  • Reduces insertion forces

Fully enclosed cartridge with no lens handling

  • Reduces the risk of lens damage
  • Minimises chance of contamination

In a comparative study of six market-leading preloaded delivery systems1

  1. RayOne received the maximum score for ‘ease of use’ for all delivery steps:
  2. RayOne was the least time consuming system for delivering the IOL
  3. RayOne showed less injector tip damage post-insertion than 50% of the tested delivery systems
  4. RayOne showed minimal wound stretch compared to other tested delivery systems when through a 2.2 mm incision



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