Add-On IOLs Bring Added Benefits

The primary and secondary implantation procedures which offer advantages to alternatives.

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Professor Graham Barrett’s indelible mark on ophthalmology continues thanks to a recent collaboration with...

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Advanced technology IOLs like the RayOne EMV are a real alternative to monofocal IOLs...

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Mr Sanjay Mantry concludes that recent innovations in IOL design now enable surgeons to...

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Veröffentlichung / Leading Surgeons Evaluate the Effectiveness of Sulcoflex Trifocal

A white paper that details a prospective multicentre evaluation assessing visual acuity and patient satisfaction in pseudophakic patients with bilaterally implanted supplementary Trifocal intraocular lens.


Veröffentlichung / Highlights from Rayner’s Trifocal User Meeting in Seoul, South Korea

Media Mice coverage of Rayner's Trifocal User Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. Presentations on large scale data with RayOne Trifocal by Dr. Jung Wan Kim and Dr. Hyung-Goo Kwon, as well as an in-depth review of Sulcoflex Trifocal by Professor Gerd Auffarth.


Veröffentlichung / Clinical Outcomes After Duet Procedure for Reversible Trifocality

Clinical outcomes of patients who had primary lens implantation in the capsular bag and subsequently a supplementary trifocal lens implanted in the ciliary sulcus (duet procedure) to create reversible trifocality.