EP: Embracing Technology to Enhance Your Practice


Dr Eric Rosenberg and Dr Roger Zaldivar explore how surgeons can enhance their surgical techniques by integrating technology into their practices.


Dr Eric Rosenberg
Partner and Director of Clinical Technology at SightMD, Dr Eric Rosenberg focuses on digital visualisation in the anterior segment and digital health solutions for DOS and is an ophthalmologist in Babylon, New York. He is Assistant professor of ophthalmology at New York Medical College and Northwell Health and affiliated with Good Samaritan University Hospital

Dr Roger Zaldivar
Roger Zaldivar, MD, MBA is the CEO of the Instituto Zaldivar in Mendoza Argentina. He is also co-founder of REVAI, a collaborative platform created by doctors for doctors that provides the latest tools and tech to boost the efficiency of medical practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data is the Future: For Dr Zaldivar, the future of ophthalmic innovation will come from data and how we can analyse and process that data to make better decisions for patients.
  • Sharing Data: Rosenberg and Dr Zaldivar agree that data must be agnostic and shared between industry and surgeons, citing the importance of using those numbers to get a larger, more accurate picture of patient outcomes.
  • A Reality Check: Zalidvar warns that if surgeons don’t start embracing new technologies to enhance their efficiency, they face the risk of becoming obsolete due to decreased performance.
  • Improving the Patient Experience: Rosenberg emphasises that technology could never replace surgeons, but underscores the importance of using it to enhance the patient experience.
  • The Revolution is Near: Rosenberg and Dr Zaldivar predict a forthcoming ophthalmology revolution, thanks to AI and abundant data, offering patients highly customised eyecare solutions.

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