EP: The Sophi Story: 4 years in, with Dr Erik Mertens

What factors drive a surgeon to switch to a different phaco system? Is it about customising settings to match your preferences, ensuring seamless integration with your operating team, or optimising efficiency? Following Rayner’s recent acquisition of Sophi, Dr Ben LaHood delves into these questions with Dr Erik Mertens, who has been using the Sophi Phaco System for four years. In this insightful conversation, Dr Mertens shares his experiences and highlights the innovative features of the Sophi system that are inspiring surgeons worldwide to make the switch.


Dr Ben LaHood, refractive cataract and laser vision correction surgeon from Australia, has gained international recognition for his extensive research on astigmatism management and biometry, which is regularly shared around the world. Additionally, Dr Ben LaHood is the host of two widely popular ophthalmology-themed podcasts.

Dr Erik Mertens is Medical Director and Eye Surgeon of Medipolis. He founded his new multidisciplinary clinic in 2009 (Antwerp, Belgium). Medipolis is the only eye clinic in Belgium with a KIWA certificate, which means that the clinic meets the strictest safety and quality standards in the field of eye surgery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Efficiency in the OR: Dr Mertens discusses the intuitive interface of the Sophi Phaco machine, highlighting the user-friendly graphics and design, which simplifies adjusting settings during surgery and allows staff to make quick changes if necessary.
  • Improves Workflow: The sleek design and wireless foot pedal of Sophi reduce clutter in the OR, improving workflow and allowing staff to move the machine around with ease.
  • A More Sustainable Option: An important feature of Sophi is its day cassette, which can be used for up to 10 cases, reducing medical waste. It also offers a Clean Venturi system which prevents pollution from entering the air of the OR.
  • A Machine you can Trust: Dr Mertens trusts Sophi for both routine and complex cases, highlighting the absence of postoperative complications over his four years of use.
  • Team and Patient Satisfaction: Dr Mertens points out that having a relaxed and efficient team in the OR contributes to a better patient experience overall, explaining that Sophi has helped create a smoother and less stressful operating environment in his practice.

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