EP: Tailoring IOL Selection for Patient Lifestyles

Dr Ben LaHood and Dr Cyres Mehta analyse patient lifestyles, occupations and personality types to tailor their IOL selection.


Dr Ben LaHood, refractive cataract and laser vision correction surgeon from Australia, has gained international recognition for his extensive research on astigmatism management and biometry, which is regularly shared around the world. Additionally, in 2023, Dr Ben LaHood was voted one of the most influential and inspirational people in ophthalmology on The Ophthalmologist Power List.

Dr Cyres Mehta is surgical chief of Asia’s most advanced eye centre, the International Eye Centre in Mumbai, India which attracts people from more than 25 countries around the world. He is a pioneer of robotic cataract surgery in India and a strong believer in new technology’s ability to change people’s lives. In 2024, he received the prestigious Leading Eye Surgeon of India Award, underscoring his contributions to advancing eye care and commitment to excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Asking the Right Questions: When choosing the right lens for a patient, Dr. Cyres Mehta stresses the importance of asking the right questions during a patient’s pre-op visit, such as how important it is to be spectacle independent versus have perfect distance vision.
  • Trifocals and Nighttime Driving: Cyres Mehta and Dr. Ben LaHood agree that talking to patients about their nighttime driving habits is key when deciding whether to implant a trifocal lens, highlighting that if the patient does drive a lot at night, trifocal lenses are best avoided due to potential glare and halos.
  • Special Professions: Cyres Mehta and Dr. Ben LaHood examine the needs of different patients depending on their profession, such as stockbrokers, makeup artists, cosmetologists, dentists, professional shooters and golfers.
  • Evaluating Patient Heights: Cyres Metha frequently evaluates his patients’ height and arm length to determine at what distance they will be reading when using a device, which is becoming particularly important to patients today.
  • Under Promise and Overdeliver: Ben LaHood and Dr. Cyres Mehta discuss managing patients’ expectations and recommend under promising and over delivering at all times, if possible.
  • Tailormade Care: Ben LaHood highlights the importance of understanding your patient’s goals and what they want to achieve, allowing you to give tailormade care.
  • RayPRO: Ben LaHood references RayPRO, a digital patient reported outcome measurement tool that produces real-world insights, and he emphasises that the data collected from this tool can be very helpful for subsequent procedures.

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