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Features Overview

RayPRO is a comprehensive Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROMs) platform that allows clinics to gain essential data on patient outcomes which can be used to inform. 

Introducing a first-in-class comparison view

Directly compare Rayner IOLs to any competitor makes or models. Completely free for Rayner users.

Clinically validated questionnaires

RayPRO uses globally recognised questionnaires to gain clinically validated patient reported outcomes pre- and post- surgery.

Multiple patient upload

Supporting fast and efficient upload of patients via an intuitive multiple patient upload system. In some cases, this can be automated with scripts.

Automated collection & reporting

RayPRO sends patient follow-up questionnaires automatically at predefined time points and displays the results in real-time.

Patient data security

RayPRO is built with patient data security as a top priority. It cooperates with all national data protection standards.

About RayPRO

RayPRO is a completely FREE digital tool for all users of Rayner IOLs.

Users who do not use Rayner IOLs can still use RayPRO by purchasing a subscription priced at £3,500 per annum. Please visit the RayPRO Subscription portal.

For RayPRO support (FAQs, tutorial videos, document downloads), please visit the RayPRO Support webpage.

Click “Book onboarding” to book a FREE consultation with Rayner’s Digital Health Account Manager.

Protecting patients’ privacy and data

Confidential questionnaire responses:
All questionnaire responses are anonymous to protect patients’ privacy and encourage honest feedback. RayPRO key metrics and reports are not activated until there is a minimum of 2 patient responses.

Patient consent:
Patients must provide a positive opt-in for RayPRO registration and data processing. If consent is not covered by existing hospital paperwork, RayPRO patient leaflets are available which make obtaining consent fast and simple. Consent is then verified when patients click the emailed questionnaire link. Patients can opt-out of RayPRO at any time.

Data security:
RayPRO is subject to a data sharing agreement which must be agreed to during the surgeon registration process.

For more information please visit RayPRO Support webpage