Sodium Cromoglicate 2% Eye Drops. Catacrom is a preservative free eye drop for the prevention and treatment of allergy symptoms.

Catacrom Eye Drops is used for the relief and treatment of allergic red, watery, itchy and puffy eyes caused by hayfever, house mites, and other causes of allergy such as pet hairs. Eye allergy can happen when sensitive eyes are exposed to these causes of allergy.

Catacrom Eye Drops is a medicine which affects cells called mast cells. It prevents them from releasing chemical substances which cause symptoms such as the redness, watering, itching and puffiness of allergic reactions.

These eye drops can be used by wearers of rigid or gas permeable contact lenses and can be used by people who are sensitive to preservatives in other kinds of eye drops.

Catacrom is classified with a Pharmacy ‘P’ licence in the UK and is only available in the GB market.