Sometimes we have to view things from a completely new perspective.


That’s the idea behind Sophi.

Sophi redefines the requirements of a perfect Phaco-System by focusing on the points of view of the surgeon, the surgical team and all other involved parties.

The result is a high-end device which sets new standards.

What is Sophi?

Sophi is a high-end Phaco system designed with mobility, simplicity and safety in mind.


Sophi is the first wireless Phaco system to offer high flexibility and mobility, providing ease of handling in the operating theatre and increased usibility.


Sophi’s design is simple and straightforward. The complexity is inside the device, which allows for simple user handling, time-saving and increased productivity.


Sophi opens up new avenues in hygiene and safety. The Clean Venturi and automated Cassette Slot-In-System reduce the risk of contamination, and the IOP Control Pump is designed for high chamber stability.


The combined benefits of Sophi’s three-pillar concept facilitate simpler, safer and faster operating procedures – in other words, Sophi significantly increases efficiency.


Set up, operate, and rearrange again and again with a device which can be moved easily and conveniently. Sophi is free of disturbing cables and tubes, a revolutionary step that gives you more flexibility and provides a crucial workflow improvement in the operating room.

Easy move

The first battery-powered Phaco system

With Sophi, the entire device is powered by battery, providing mobility which simplifies processes and improves efficiency.


Integrated compressor

The compressors for vitrectomy and for Clean Venturi aspiration are also integrated into the device, meaning that there’s no need for the usual bulky and inflexible tube to the external compressor.


Freedom thanks to mobility

Sophi is incredibly adaptable. The 180° rotatable display and freedom to choose the tray position facilitates fast set-up in the operating theatre. Moving the device is very simple too: Release Mono-Brake Handle, move Sophi to the desired location, apply the brake – done.

Easy Connectivity

Ready for the future

These days a wireless connection of the foot pedal over Bluetooth is standard. However, Sophi can do much more! Sophi enables you to transmit live microscope images to the display over Wi-Fi.

Simple yet highly


Complexity, simply designed.

The surgical team should be able to focus entirely on the patient – and Sophi enables you to do just that. With modern assistance systems and clever control elements, Sophi creates a simple surgery process. Sophi can be parametrised intuitively, assists you with intelligent sensor technology, and automatically adjusts parameters in critical situations.

Slim design

Despite Sophi’s slim and clean design, it provides everything needed for both ergonomic and safe usage in one place. Clear shapes, high-quality materials and numerous innovative solutions make Sophi a system which sets new benchmarks.

Sensory information assistance

Ease of use

Sophi is easy, clear and quick to operate. Start-up of the system is very fast, and thanks to the Multi-Surgeons Settings, can be configured according to your wishes and needs.

Sophi is not an evolution,
but a revolution


The most efficient way to make a system safe is to eliminate uncertainty – and this is exactly what Sophi was designed to do. Sophi has an integrated safety system that complies with the highest standards with regard to process stability, precision and hygiene.

Triple Pump Fluidics

The centre piece of every Phaco device is the pumping system for stable chamber fluidics, or for Sophi more specifically, the pumping systems – Sophi has three combined into one: 1. IOP Control Pump, 2. Peristaltic Pump, 3. Clean Venturi Pump.

Efficient Sinus Phaco

The less energy a Phaco handpiece needs, the less heat is projected into the eye. That is why Sophi controls the handpiece with a sinusoidal signal, which considerably reduces the energy needed, thereby protecting the eye.

Lean Cassette System

Each detail of Sophi focuses on safety – without compromise. Sophi offers an automatic Cassette Slot-In System which reduces the risk of contact between sterile and unsterile areas during loading.

Sophisticated Safety System

The most efficient way to make a system safe is to eliminate uncertainty systematically.

“Sophi makes it possible for me to personalise all kinds of parameters in venturi and perstaltic pump situations obtaining chamber stability and followability for every type of crystalline lens. By doing this I can work in total safety without compromising on an efficient workflow.”

Erik Mertens MD
Customer, Belgium