HASA OPTIX is a Belgian medical device company that manufactures a wide range of premium recyclable single use instruments. Through partnership with HASA OPTIX, Rayner is pleased to offer surgeons a comprehensive portfolio of pre-sterilised instruments and sets which meet high quality material standards.

HASA OPTIX takes its responsibility towards our planet seriously by developing a fully integrated program so that the stainless-steel instruments can be recycled for a second life. HASA OPTIX’s sustainable solutions contribute to a better cost-controlled environment and increased quality of care.


  • Premium and constant quality: Only producer of single use ophthalmic surgical instruments with quality standards as high as reusable.
  • Sustainable organisational solution: One instrument set paper pouch per surgery.
  • Cost controlling: Integrated solutions allow the calculation of a fixed cost per surgery.
  • Circular economy: Recyclable instruments allow you to integrate a “cradle to cradle” waste management program.



Please contact your local Rayner representative to learn more and experience HASA OPTIX instruments

Download the HASA OPTIX Instrument brochure