A genuine desire to empower all those involved in ophthalmic surgery.

HASA OPTIX is a Belgian medical device company that manufactures a wide range of premium recyclable single-use instruments. Through partnership with HASA OPTIX, Rayner is pleased to offer surgeons a comprehensive portfolio of pre-sterilised instruments and sets which meet high quality material standards.

A sustainable and innovative solution with precision performance, that contributes to a better cost-controlled environment and increased quality of patient care.

HASA OPTIX benefits

Premium quality

Premium quality disposable recyclable instruments offering the same constant quality as reusable instruments but with increased convenience and efficiency.

Cost control

HASA OPTIX instruments provide the ideal procurement solution by aiding the precise calculation of surgery costs.

Environmentally friendly

Supplied in recyclable pre-packed pouches relevant to each ophthalmic procedure, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact.


Pre-packed pouches help reduce the number of SKUs, contributing towards a simpler, more efficient repository solution.

Peace of mind

Innovative solutions that provide total peace of mind ensuring the correct surgical instruments are easily accessible.

Infection control

Single use and pre-sterilised instruments ensure all surgeons can be confident with their patient safety of care.