Ep. 10 FacoElche 2023 Special


Dr. Filomena Ribeiro (guest)
Dr. Filomena Ribeiro is the head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Hospital da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal and a member of the executive board of the ESCRS.

Dr. Roger Zaldivar (guest)
Dr. Roger Zaldivar is the CEO of the Instituto Zaldivar in Mendoza Argentina and the past-president of the Refractive Surgery Alliance. He is also the founder of Revai, a collaborative medical platform with the goal of transforming current medicine by improving every day processes.

Dr. Joaquín Fernández Pérez (guest)
Dr. Joaquín Fernández Pérez is the CEO and Medical Director of the Ophthalmology Department at Qvisión in Vithas Virgen del Mar Hospital in Spain. His research has been published in many national and international journals and has presented at many ophthalmology congresses worldwide.



In this special episode of ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’, renowned surgeons Dr. Roger Zaldivar, Dr. Filomena Ribeiro and Dr. Joaquín Fernández Pérez gather at the 25th congress at FacoElche in Spain to discuss the key takeaways from Rayner’s clinical symposium on ‘Optical Quality & Patient Satisfaction’, and interesting and exciting trends covered at this year’s event.


Key Takeaways:

  • 2023 trends from FacoElche include the improvement of diagnostics and the explosion of options with regard to IOL technology and software for patients.
  • Ribeiro is confident that there is always a solution to addressing presbyopia in cataract surgery if you manage patient expectations correctly and choose the right IOL.
  • Zaldivar finds the RayOne EMV IOL very useful in his practice, allowing him to provide patients with more spectacle independence and functional vision in their daily activities.
  • Fernández Pérez looks forward to the use of big collaborative data.
  • For Dr. Zaldivar, Rayner’s RayPRO+ app facilitates tracking patient-reported outcomes and organizing data in a comprehensive way.


Additional Resources:

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