Rayner Receives Third FDA Approval in RayOne IOL Portfolio

Posted on 17/05/2021

New York, USA, May 17, 2021 – RayOne Spheric, a fully-preloaded monofocal IOL, has received FDA approval. This achievement marks Rayner’s third FDA approval in under three years within its expanding RayOne preloaded IOL portfolio.

RayOne Spheric joins RayOne Aspheric (FDA approved December 2018) and RayOne EMV, a new non-diffractive IOL solution which achieved FDA approval on March 26, 2021.

RayOne Spheric is positioned as a cost-effective monofocal IOL solution and benefits from the same fully preloaded injector as its siblings. The RayOne injector requires only two steps to prepare (load OVD and close the wings) and is compatible with sub 2.2 mm incisions. All three FDA-approved RayOne IOLs are based upon the same hydrophilic acrylic platform, which offers superb stability (0.08 mm mean decentration at 3-6 months1), low PCO (1.7% at 24 months2), and high-quality vision with a high Abbe value (563) and low refractive index (1.463).

What does this mean for surgeons?

RayOne Spheric expands the RayOne portfolio in the USA as an economical option relative to RayOne Aspheric and RayOne EMV, and is a cost-effective solution for patients who want a modern, high-quality monofocal IOL.

On receiving FDA approval for RayOne Spheric, Tim Clover, Rayner CEO said: “Rayner strives to offer superior patient outcomes for all patients, and as a cost-effective solution, RayOne Spheric ensures that all US surgeons and patients can access the highest quality IOLs. This third FDA approval in less than three years supports our continued efforts to grow our available portfolio in the United States, which is a key strategic focus for Rayner.”

Patient outcomes for all RayOne IOLs can be tracked using RayPRO, a free contactless telehealth solution that collects three years’ worth of patient reported outcomes after cataract or refractive surgery.

Please contact USMarketing@rayner.com for more information on Rayner’s USA IOL portfolio.


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