Rayner donates lenses for “World Sight Day”

Posted on 11/10/2001

To mark World Sight Day, on October 11 2001, Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd donated 425 lenses to the IMPACT Foundation, an international charity based in Haywards Heath. The lenses will be used by surgeons to restore sight to people in remote and impoverished areas of developing countries on this day.

This donation is part of Rayner’s continuing support for IMPACT and these lenses will allow hundreds more people in The Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to have their sight restored free of charge (or for a very nominal fee).

Rayner is pleased and proud to be able to uphold and continue Sir Harold Ridley’s vision that the intraocular lens should be available for the benefit of all mankind – it was for this reason that, right from the very beginning, he refused to patent his invention.

Company Chairman, Ian Collins said, “The IOL is now standard treatment for cataracts. An estimated seven million sufferers worldwide can see again each year, thanks to these implants. We’re proud to be associated with the great work that IMPACT is doing to help change the lives of some of the poorest people on Earth by helping them to see again”.

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