Open new year letter from CEO

Posted on 6/01/2016

The past year has been a transformative one for Rayner as we transition to a company exclusively focused on IOLs and cataract surgery. The disposal of our retail business and move to new purpose built headquarters and state of the art three million lens manufacturing site in Worthing, UK is testament to our commitment to quality and innovation for surgeons performing and patients undergoing cataract surgery worldwide.

2016 is an exciting year for Rayner as we bring our new manufacturing facility online by mid year with a completely new IOL platform called RayOne. This new product format will replace the C-flex and Superflex families and will offer superior performance. It will be the quickest, simplest to use IOL system, reducing risk, speeding up operations and ensuring precision of placement.

Following our acquisition of the Ophteis OVD range in 2015 I am delighted to announce the launch of a new visco-elastic in March. Ophteis FR Pro will offer clinically superior performance to protect the cornea from free radical energy caused by phaco-emulsification. We do this by the inclusion of a new molecule in a familiar visco-adaptive hyaluronic acid medium. This unique and proprietary product will be a step forward for the OVD market.

We are proud of Rayner’s place in history as the company that made the world’s first intraocular lens and I am personally committed to building our company into the leading specialist IOL provider through listening and partnering with surgeons, collaborating with research organisations and making the best quality IOLs in the world.

I wish you all a very healthy, enjoyable and successful 2016.

Tim Clover
Chief Executive Officer


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