How does RayOne EMV work?

RayOne EMV is a truly non-diffractive IOL which does not use light splitting technology like many IOLs which increase depth of focus, resulting in low levels of dysphotopsia, similar to standard monofocal lenses.1

RayOne EMV is the only patented aspheric IOL that induces controlled positive spherical aberration.

Compared to a lens with zero spherical aberration, the carefully controlled positive spherical aberration induced by RayOne EMV spreads light along the visual axis.


Clinical results with RayOne EMV

Since the launch of RayOne EMV in 2020, clinical data has demonstrated that RayOne EMV provides high quality vision.1,2,3,6,7


The following clinical results are from patients in the UK, Spain and Portugal during the months leading up to the commercial launch of RayOne EMV.2



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