Rayner continues growth in Europe. Part three: Direct presence in Spain

Posted on 25/08/2016

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Date: 25th August, 2016

Rayner continues growth in Europe. Part three: Direct presence in Spain

Rayner is pleased to announce its direct entry into the Spanish cataract market.

The entire Rayner IOL injector portfolio, available in Spain for the last 20 years via our independent distributor Rayner Iberica SA., is now available through our wholly owned subsidiary, Rayner Surgical S.L.

Operating out of Valencia, Rayner Surgical S.L. is led by Victor Sanchis Sabatini who brings with him a wealth of ophthalmic industry experience.

General Manager, James Crutchlow, commented that “We are delighted to announce the opening of our Spanish subsidiary. Following on from last month’s launch in Italy , Rayner Surgical S.L. takes us a step closer to achieving our goal of being direct in Europe’s Top five cataract markets”.

Spain’s strategic importance
Not only is Spain the fifth largest cataract market in Europe (by volume), it also has the highest percentage conversion to premium IOLs worldwide. It is strategically important that we strengthen our relationships and work more closely with surgeons in such highly refractive markets, as we build towards the launch of our trifocal technology.

What does this mean for surgeons?
Rayner Surgical S.L. will work closely with surgeons in Spain to provide access to Rayner’s latest technologies during a significant period of growth and new product development. This includes the pending launch of RayOne; our fully preloaded IOL injection system due to be presented at the 2016 ESCRS in Copenhagen.

Joaquín Fernández, Medical Director QVision and Head of Service Hospital Torrecardenas, commented “It’s a great pleasure to welcome Rayner in Spain. Not only were Rayner the first [company to manufacture the IOL], but they are also not afraid to push the boundaries, as demonstrated by their Sulcoflex platform. Rayner thinks different!

Through being closer to Rayner’s innovative portfolio, Rayner Surgical S.L. offers comprehensive training and education, as well as highly responsive delivery times.

“I would like to warmly welcome Rayner to Spain. With closer access to their latest technology, I am confident there will be an improvement of intraocular lenses, which will ultimately translate to greater patient satisfaction” said Elena Barraquer, Medical Director Barraquer Clinic, also commenting on the achievement.

Rayner’s recent move to The Ridley Innovation Centre — with its trebled production capacity — will support ambitious plans to expand our direct business throughout Europe.

About Rayner
Rayner designs and manufactures intraocular lenses (IOLs) and proprietary injection devices for use in cataract surgery. As the first manufacturer of the IOL, we have been working with surgeons for longer than anyone. Today, we exist to enable surgeons to focus on what matters: improving patient’s sight. We aim to remain at the forefront of innovation, developing clinically superior ophthalmic tools that aid and streamline the surgical process, with the ultimate objective of improving sight and quality of life.

Rayner markets its IOL portfolio and related products worldwide through a network of distributors in over 80 countries and a direct sales team in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany & Austria and Italy.

For questions or to schedule an interview with a Rayner representative, please contact Rayner: iol_enquiries@rayner.com

Not all Rayner products are approved for sale in every country. Please contact your local Rayner distributor for details of which products are available in your area.

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