Rayner Launches the Plus1 EMV Campaign on Monovision Education, Announces Partnership with Medevise Consulting

Posted on 6/05/2021

Worthing, UK, 3 May 2021 – With the global rollout of the RayOne EMV™ intraocular lens to markets around the world, Rayner announces today an exciting new campaign intended to extoll the benefits of monovision (including “Mini”, “Micro”, or “Blended”).

The Plus1 EMV: A global discussion on Enhanced Monovision™ campaign will shine a light on what is the most frequently used method for correcting presbyopia in cataract and laser vision surgery, with monovision globally accounting for 25 percent of procedures[1]. Yet many surgeons steer away from using the term “monovision”.

“We intend to start a conversation with ophthalmologists about monovision and encourage more surgeons to embrace this highly accurate, cost-effective method for treating presbyopia,” said Christopher Willis, Rayner Global Vice President of Marketing.

Global Campaign

Plus1 EMV will take the message of monovision to a global level. To develop and manage the campaign, Rayner has partnered with Medevise Consulting, a Strasbourg, France-based consulting company with a team that has extensive experience with presbyopic technologies, as well as introducing innovative products to market.

Having worked with Rayner for more than 12 years, I am excited to be partnering with the Rayner team on Plus1 EMV due to its singular focus on the benefits of monovision,” said Kristine A. Morrill, President and founder of Medevise.

Working alongside the Rayner and Medevise teams will be a global group of surgeons who also embrace monovision, including Professor Graham Barrett, who worked with Rayner to develop the RayOne EMV™ IOL, to help spread the word.

Launching this month, the Plus1 EMV campaign will use a variety of tools to accomplish this, including symposiums and webinars, as well as in-person meetings, when possible. The Plus1 EMV campaign coincides with the first U.S. implantations of the RayOne EMV™ IOL by Robert Weinstock, MD (Largo, FL), William Wiley, MD (Cleveland, Ohio), Vance Thompson, MD, (Sioux Falls, SD) and Phillips Kirk Labor, MD, (Dallas, TX).


About Rayner

Since the implantation of the first Rayner intraocular lens by Sir Harold Ridley in 1949, Rayner has continuously pioneered intraocular lens (IOL) design with a goal to improve vision and restore sight worldwide. With over 70 years of continuous growth and experience, Rayner remains at the forefront of innovation. Rayner is focused on providing the best visual outcomes for clinicians and patients, and is driven by science to improve performance and safety. In 2020, Rayner won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) for its RayOne fully preloaded IOL injector system.

Headquartered in Worthing, United Kingdom, Rayner provides IOLs, ophthalmic viscoelastic devices (OVDs) and dry eye therapies worldwide in over 80 countries through a network of distributors as well as direct sales teams in the United Kingdom, USA & Canada, Germany & Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Russia.

About Medevise Consulting

A new name in the industry, Medevise Consulting brings together a veteran team that embodies ophthalmology in Europe. From an Executive Board of Directors that includes Jan Bonel and Michael Mrochen to President Kristine Morrill and service leaders with deep ophthalmology knowledge, Medevise Consulting represents a new approach that marries Passion, Experience and Diligence to every project.


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[1] Market Scope 2021



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