“Customer Service: It’s not just a department, its a company attitude”

Posted on 31/10/2016

To mark the recent Annual National Customer Service Week Event, our passionate Customer Service Manager, Sue Wheatley, brought this idea to life through immersing Rayner staff across various areas of the business in the Rayner Customer Experience.

Employees were given the opportunity to shadow a member of the nine strong international Customer Service team for an afternoon. This provided an ideal setting to foster internal feedback whilst also getting staff in non-customer-facing departments to think about their own role in a customer’s journey with Rayner.

Here is what our customer service team has achieved since the 2015 National Customer Service Week:

  • A reduction in the amount of orders getting frozen in the system;
  • Improvements in order tracking;
  • Processes are now in place so that Customer Accounts will always contain the core details from every interaction, making for more informed and smoother conversations, no matter which team member you reach;
  • Response time for refunds has been accelerated;
  • A dedicated Returns team has been set up instead of having this responsibility spread across the team.

Although Rayner operates in a B2B environment, it is the mission of our Customer Service team to have a B2C mindset, because a business customer’s decisions are guided by emotions too. Therefore every interaction should not only be efficient, but pleasant as well.

We aim for customer loyalty
Like all business operations, there is always scope to improve our customer service activities. Please feel free to email iol_enquiries@rayner.com if you have suggestions as to how we can continue to improve your Rayner experience.

Regulatory Team Member Agnieszka Drzewiecka spends an afternoon working with Customer Services

Alan Hemmant, Legal Advisor at Rayner, is shown the new and improved processes that have been implemented

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