Rayner marks 5 millionth RayOne lens sold

Posted on 5/04/2024

Rayner, a global manufacturer of products for cataract surgery based in Worthing, UK, proudly announces delivery of its 5 millionth RayOne lens (and 11 millionth lens made from RayAcryl Rayner’s proprietary hydrophilic acrylic material), marking an important milestone in units sold globally.

RayOne is Rayner’s fully-preloaded intraocular lens (IOL) injection system, providing smooth, consistent rolling and delivery of the IOL via micro incision. All hydrophobic and hydrophilic IOLs in the RayOne range come with a single fully-preloaded and repeatable injector, designed to minimise errors, reduce risk of contamination and minimise lens damage. The range offers spheric, aspheric and toric lens options to suit a wide range of patients.

Tim Clover, Rayner CEO, said: “As we celebrate our 5 million milestone, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the clinicians and surgeons we partner with, who trust Rayner to provide the best visual outcomes for their patients. We look forward to continuing to deliver our IOL solutions to provide a better operating theatre experience.”

The milestone comes during an important year for cataract surgery, with Rayner marking the 75th anniversary of the first implantation of the IOL in 2024. As the manufacturer of the first IOL, designed by Sir Harold Ridley, Rayner continues to evolve and develop their offering. The company recently announcing their acquisition of the Swiss-based Sophi phaco emulsification machine, enabling provision of a full offering of products for cataract surgery.

For more information regarding the RayOne family of lenses visit RayOne fully preloaded IOL systems | Rayner



Since the implantation of the first Rayner intraocular lens by Sir Harold Ridley 1949, Rayner has the goal to improve vision and restore sight worldwide. Today, Rayner’s mission remains to deliver innovative and clinically superior ophthalmic products that respond to the expectations of our global customers to improve the sight and quality of life of their patients.

Headquartered in Worthing, United Kingdom, Rayner markets its medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and digital solutions worldwide in over 80 countries through a network of distributors and includes direct sales teams in the United Kingdom, Eire, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Poland, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Not all Rayner products are approved for sale in every country. Please contact your local Rayner distributor for details of which products are available in your area.

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