Sussex collaboration helps to save sight of cataract sufferers in Bangladesh

Posted on 31/03/2011

Hove-based Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd have pledged a regular donation

of IOLs every month to Sussex-based IMPACT Foundation, enabling the foundation to restore the vision of cataract sufferers in Bangladesh – improving the patients’ quality of life, preventing disability and promoting independent, sustainable living.

Rayner has had strong links with IMPACT Foundation for over 20 years. With its UK headquarters in Sussex, IMPACT is an international programme working to prevent and alleviate needless disability. IMPACT projects are run by local people who understand the real needs, ensuring the work is both cost-effective and appropriate.

Judi Stagg, Chief Executive of IMPACT UK explained:

“Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited has been supporting IMPACT for 24 years and they have given us many hundreds of intraocular lenses for our work in developing countries. They have now committed to an extremely generous gift of 100 lenses each month for Bangladesh, taking care of all our needs in that country. This will dramatically reduce the cost of each operation enabling more people to benefit from a sight restoring operation. The support of such a prestigious company is a great vote of confidence to our small team, particularly in this, our 25th anniversary year.”

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