World’s First IOL Designed for Enhanced MonovisionTM Patient Outcomes

Posted on 21/09/2020

Rayner set to launch RayOne EMV in early October

Worthing, UK, September 21st, 2020 – Rayner has announced the upcoming launch of RayOne EMV: a new fully preloaded non-diffractive IOL solution designed specifically to enhance patient outcomes achieved with monovision.

Enhanced range of vision

Developed in collaboration with Professor Graham Barrett, president of the Australasian Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons, RayOne EMV uniquely extends a patient’s range of vision with a patented non-diffractive aspheric optic profile, designed to:

  • Provide up to 2.25 D of extended depth of vision (with 1.0 D offset).
  • Provide superior intermediate vision when compared with standard monofocals.
  • Reduce dysphotopsia compared to diffractive multifocal and EDOF IOL designs.
  • Provide a smoother, blended transition between the dominant and non-dominant eyes when compared with standard monofocals, maintaining binocular stereoacuity and reducing asthenopia.

“For many years I have worked on optimising a lens for monovision, given that it accounts for nearly 30% of all surgeries. I collaborated with Rayner on bringing this lens to market as RayOne EMV, an exciting new product for all surgeons looking to treat presbyopia reliably”, said Professor Barrett.

New RayOne EMV IOL: Promising early clinical results

Following CE mark approval earlier in 2020, Rayner conducted a multi-surgeon, multi-site evaluation of the new RayOne EMV IOL across Portugal, Spain and the UK. Surgeons performing first-in-eye implantations reported high levels of satisfaction with RayOne EMV performance.

Visual acuity data indicated favourable results at both distance and intermediate at one month. Uncorrected bilateral distance visual acuity was reported as -0.08 ± 0.09 and intermediate -0.05 ± 0.17.  Patients implanted with RayOne EMV were highly satisfied with their postoperative refractive outcomes and were completely dysphotopsia-free.

Commitment to presbyopia-correction

Rayner CEO, Tim Clover, said “RayOne EMV was created specifically for surgeons who currently utilise standard monofocal IOLs to achieve monovision but would like to see better intermediate visual outcomes without increasing the frequency of challenges experienced with other premium IOLs such as dysphotopsia and patient affordability.”

RayOne EMV is the latest in Rayner’s pipeline of presbyopia-correcting solutions, adding to their extensive and clinically-proven portfolio of trifocal capsular bag and pseudophakic supplementary IOLs to suit a wide range of visual and lifestyle patient needs. RayOne EMV also further expands Rayner’s fully preloaded RayOne IOL platform, used in over 1.5 million cataract procedures since its 2016 launch.

What does this all mean for surgeons?

RayOne EMV is a cost-effective solution for patients wanting a level of spectacle independence above standard monofocal IOLs and when trifocal IOLs may be cost prohibitive or there are concerns about dysphotopsia.

Patient outcomes for RayOne EMV can be tracked using RayPRO: a FREE contactless telehealth solution that effortlessly collects three years’ worth of Patient Reported Outcomes after cataract or refractive surgery.

Product availability will be to all CE registered markets from 2nd October 2020. RayOne EMV is not approved by the US FDA.

Find out more at the RayOne EMV global launch webinar

Surgeons are invited to join ‘Presbyopia correction: It’s time to rethink monovision’ on Tuesday 29th September at 19:30 (UK)/20:30 (Spain). Register here:

Or for more product information visit

Surgeons can also keep up to date with RayOne EMV launch updates via the Rayner LinkedIn page:


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